Workplace by Facebook


Workplace by Facebook is an internal communication tool launched by Facebook in October 2016. Fast forward a year later, it has been adopted by 30,000 organizations worldwide – that is more than double from it was announced in F8 during April 2017.

Workplace by Facebook is built based on the powerful Facebook’s social collaboration platform that we used almost daily outside work, with additional enterprise features. This is the place to get all work done more effectively, and efficiently.

Enterprise Features in Workplace:

  • Newsfeed – everyone stays up to date on the latest happenings within the organizations
  • Group – showcase excellent teamwork and where real work is done
  • Multi-Company Group – allows collaboration and meaningful conversations across companies
  • Work Chat – fast communication that can be done over instant messaging, call and video
  • Integration with IDP and SSO – employees will be added or removed from Workplace via IDP and SSO. No additional effort is required to maintain the user list in Workplace  
  • API for integration – integrate Workplace with 3rd party software such as OneDrive, Salesforce, e-discovery and compliance solutions and other customer integrations
  • API for bots – develop bots and automate tasks
  • Admin dashboard – track and monitor employee engagement rate through this platform



How Symprio can help?

Change Management 

Rolling out Workplace within your organization is not just about turning on another IT application. It will be a cultural change that will involve all employees, from the C-suite to on-the-ground employees. It will give everyone in the company a voice to speak. Our change management team will:

  • Understand company culture, existing business processes and challenges
  • Define business goals, governance and strategy
  • Engage and educate the Leadership team to adopt and stay committed with the new way of working
  • Define and execute communication plan and ensuring all employees are well aware and ready for the launch
  • Train champion and key influencers to continuously engage employees on this platform
  • Embed best practices to employees on working effectively


The end goal of a successful Workplace roll-out will be based on the following KPIs:

  • Maximum number of claimed accounts
  • High number of download for Workplace and Work Chat App
  • High usage rate of Workplace on desktop and mobile
  • Increased engagement rate within the organization


Technical Implementation

Workplace has a number of seeded integrations such Single Sign On with OneLogin, Okta or Microsoft Azure as well as standard applications such as SalesForce,, Office365 and many more.  To see the latest list please check here.

In addition to these standard integrations Workplace comes with a robust set of open API’s, which can be leveraged to integrate to other applications within your organization to further enhance the sharing and collaboration within a company.

Our technical experts are able to integrate Workplace with the standard applications and/or custom applications using the APIs provided. The end result will be a seamless user experience, a safe and secured environment for your employees to get work done.


Bots Development

During F8 in April 2017, Facebook also released the capability to integrate and build bots with Workplace.  Bots, which is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is tremendously beneficial for business. It can be used to simplify and speed up how employees get information they need, automate tasks. It is also a way to collaborate not only human-to-human but also human-to-machine or machine-to-human via Work Chat or the Workplace portal. Our team of experts can help you design, build and integrate with other applications so that your employees can obtain the information they want in split seconds via the bots on Work Chat or Workplace.

Here is an example on how Avaamo Servicedesk Bot works but the possibilities are endless:



We understand going through a culture change within the organization is never easy. Our change management experts recognize them and have developed accelerators to ensure the implementation process that we will walk along with you is a smooth journey, bringing your organization and your best talent the new way of working.  Let us talk more at