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Passion.  We are looking for curious and passionate people looking to find and solve problems organizations have today.  By creating an organization full of passionate people with different knowledge and skills we are able to solve the challenges our clients have.  

Driven.  Always learning and never give up on solving the problem.   Whether it is solving a people problem, simplifying or optimizing the process, or solve a technoliogy challenge/solution.  Always stay humble and never stop learning.  

Focus on customer.  Keep telling the truth.  There are times when it is difficult to tell the customer the truth.  We are not a company who are looking to stay working for the purpose of simply billing the client.  We have to believe that we are actually solving a challenge for the customer.  If you don't think we are actually solving something we should stop.


People, Process and Technology

Most business or organizational challenges require adjustments or modifications in all three aspects when it comes to people, process and technology. Everyone will have strengths as well as areas of improvement but we strive to look for people who can consider and evaluate all three aspects.

People.  When solving a problem the people aspects of the organization needs to be considered.  The right solution which can work in a young technology company may be very different from what will work in a old manufacturing company.  When we attack a problem we carefully consider the culture, attitudes and the strength of people within the organization.  

Process.  The last thing we want to do is to automate a poorly designed process.  For organizations who are going to remain competitive in the future, their ability to move fast and simplify and automate processes is a critical aspects of their ability to survive in the future.  We always try to challenge the necessity of complexity of process and look for means of simplifying processes while still maintaining the necessary controls and security.

Technology.  By keeping abreast on the latest technologies we are able to offer our clients the latest in technology innovation.  We encourage our team of consultants to continue with training and certifications.



Don't see the opening you are looking for?

We are always looking for strong players in the different areas we work on.  Please feel free to drop us a resume and we will get back to you.


  1. Oracle Receivables Consultant (Malaysia)
  2. Oracle Procure to Pay Business Analyst (Malaysia)
  3. Facebook Chatbot Developers (Malaysia)
  4. Oracle Cloud Financials Lead (Singapore)
  5. ServiceNow Consultant (Malaysia)
  6. Informatica Developer (Malaysia)
  7. Communications Lead for FB Workplace (Malaysia)
  8. Enterprise Consulting Sales Lead (Thailand)

If you think you are the right person for our company please drop us a resume and let's talk.

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