What We Do

Program/Project Management.  Our team of consultants and project managers have the experience to deliver complex enterprise projects successfully and fast to our clients.  Using Symprio's project management collaboration and reporting assets and tools we can help you manage scope, timelines and resources effectively for your different IT and Business initiatives.


Change Management.  Our team of experts can help you ensure that your business is gets ready for the changes and is aware of the changes coming their way.  We also believe that change management must come with knowledge and understanding of what is being delivered and that a content-free change management approach rarely succeeds.  


Communications Planning & Execution.  When a large number of people are impacted or when the changes being implemented are drastic, the importance of proper planning and execution of these changes are critical in making the project successful.  Carefully evaluating the different types of stakeholders (executives, back-office, managers, store management, manufacturing/supply chain team etc.) and crafting the right message and method for communicating the project will have a high chance of being successful.


Agile/Lean methodology.   Whether it is implementing complex enterprise software or developing or enhancing web or mobile applications.  An agile/lean methodology can be successfully leveraged to deliver a faster speed to value.  By demonstrating and involving business end users up front in the process where the design and requirements can be easier molded you find issues earlier and business is more clear on what they will receive.  The end result is fewer surprises late in the software development cycle.  

Our team of consultants have experience in utilizing a variety of agile software delivery tools such as Atlassian Jira or Pivotal Tracker.  Please contact us to learn more on how to effectively leverage Dev Ops / Agile processes to deliver support services, continous enhancements or when delivering large scale enterprise application projects.


Traditional waterfall approach.  We have delivered many projects following the more traditional project management and delivery approach of using waterfall approach.  The downsides to this approach are longer timelines and the often surprises (change requests) late in the delivery cycle.  We will work actively with the client to determine what is the best approach.  

What We Do

  • Consulting

    Solving business challenges through people, process and technology know-how and project management

  • Design

    Design applications and processes with people in mind

  • Support

    Pro-active business application support with continuous improvement to eliminate problems over time

  • Development

    Application development and testing services from on site or offshore locations in Malaysia and India


Symprio, with offices is Singapore, Malaysia, USA and India, is a consulting firm providing business, application, development and support services for a variety of applications and industries. Focusing on providing a holistic approach by not simply looking at application or technical solutions but also considering culture, process and people opportunities to solve the business challenges. Our team of senior leaders from a variety of industries and Big 5 consulting experiences can help your company address the challenges in a cost competitive way.

Workplace by Facebook, the internal collaboration solution from Facebook, was released for all companies in October 2016. As several of our executives comes with a background from Facebook we immediately started working with Facebook as an implementation partner, to help our clients in Southeast Asia region implementing Workplace by Facebook both from a business and technical integration perspective. After Facebook announced the support of bots during F8 in April 2017 we have started the support for bot development.  

Learn more on our Workplace by Facebook Consulting practice page.

Whether it is upgrades, implementations or roll-outs we support Oracle ERP as well as Oracle Cloud projects including project management, business and application consulting, technical development or database administration / installations / patching we are able to help. With deep experience in implementing Oracle in the APAC region our team of consultants and senior Oracle leaders can help you solve your business challenges through Oracle solutions.  

Learn more on our Oracle Consulting practice page.

According to Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant, comparing the top ITSM vendors, ServiceNow is the overall leader globally and ServiceNow is experiencing significant growth. As one of the few ServiceNow partners in the APAC region we stand ready to help you implement, customize and configure ServiceNow to move your business processes to the cloud Our ServiceNow specialists will work along with you to consolidate and transform the on-premise IT tools. The end results will be a modernized tool to build business applications with minimal infrastructure and to resolve customer issues at lightning speed.  

Learn more on our ServiceNow Consulting practice page.

Salesforce is the world-leading cloud-based platform for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Our team of certified Salesforce technical as well as functional consultants can help implement and configure you Sales, Service or Marketing processes to streamline your processes in the cloud. Our team of technical consultants can also assist you with integration with other enterprise applications or development of Salesforce applications hosted on Force.com.

Learn more on our SalesForce Consulting Practice page


Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging automation technology using software robots which can help automate tasks which is currently handled on personal computers manually such as data entry, forms entry, retrieval of information from other systems or web etc. reducing human errors and efficiency to operate 24/7. RPA is attacking those areas for automation which are currently not handled by your typical enterprise applications or integrations. We can help you set up an RPA Center of Excellence to help manage the collection of RPA initiatives. RPA differs from many other IT initiatives in that the mini-projects vary in duration from days to weeks and ROI is often achieved within a few months fueling dramatic efficiency improvements and improved customer satisfaction.  

Learn more on our Robotics Process Automation Consulting page.


APAC expertise

Workplace by Facebook Event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On September 6th, Symprio, together with Facebook, will be hosting an event to walk through how companies can adopt Workplace by Facebook as an internal collaboration platform to supercharge their collaboration levels and resulting productivity within the organization.

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