Our team is comprised of Salesforce consultants and Solution architects who can help you implement, enhance or upgrade your Salesforce solutions fast at a competitive price.  With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, USA and India our consultants can be quickly deployed globally.  

We provide all aspects of your Salesforce implementation ranging from IT Strategy, scoping and project management to system analysis, application configuration, integration, data conversions, testing, database administration services and maintenance and support.

  • Salesforce Program / Project Management
  • Salesforce Implementation Strategy & Roadmap
  • Requirements Analysis and Process Design
  • Salesforce Architecture & Design
  • Salesforce Configuration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Organizational Change Management and Training


Delivery Experience with Salesforce

Our team is composed of Salesforce professionals with years of experience not only delivering transformation but a real understanding of how the all the moving pieces fit together.  We are ready and able to help your organization across the following Salesforce functionality, in any order that makes sense for your needs. Armed with a library of business and statutory requirements and ready-made solutions/designs for handling the already known requirements we can deliver the project fast and with predictability avoiding costly last-minute surprises of missed requirements.

We have experience implementing Salesforce applications in US, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada.  

Talk to us to learn more on how we can help fast track your Salesforce implementation.


Understand the business problem to achieve business value

Our core belief is to fully understand the business problem before solving the problem and to only solve problems which will add business value to you, the client.  Part of implementing packaged software is to attempt to standardize business processes where it makes business sense.  Changing a business process may not always be the easiest route during an implementation but we believe that by standardizing either globally or to industry leading practices the client will achieve more business value out of the implementation or roll-out. 

Getting it right, the first time, is engrained in the system of our delivery teams. Our reputation of doing things right the first time is critical to the way we conduct the delivery. We have partnered successfully with Salesforce to advise and deliver on Salesforce engagements globally. Our customers will be benefitted from our strategic outlook, IT Service Management expertise and agile value delivery on an innovative Salesforce platform.


Flexibility & agility to maximize speed to value

The days of large-scale costly business system implementations are coming to and end.  The cost of slow-moving and bureaucratic implementations are too high and companies are moving to more agile, fast moving and lower cost approaches to realize business value faster.  

Our experienced implementation teams have experiences in many project management approaches and will align with the approach preferred by the client but where possible will prefer to leverage a lean and move-fast approach in order to maximize the speed to value for the client.

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