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Chatbots or simply just bots are changing how businesses interact with customers, suppliers as well as employees.  The concept of using artificial intelligence (AI) for business applications is relatively new and the adoption of chatbots are still just getting started.  People's preference are shifting from talking to someone in a call center and prefers to instead chat with someone.  Bots are taking on more and more complex interactions or requests reducing the effort and lets people focus on the harder more complex requests and in the end providing a better overall customer experience.

Mark Zuckerberg short intro on bots on Messenger:


As people gets familiar by using services like Siri or Alexa to execute simple tasks or requests, more and more people are getting familiar with the concept of interacting/chatting with a machine.  By leveraging some of the platforms available the bots can learn and more smarter to better be able to quickly get to the answer the customer is looking for.


With millions of available mobile apps available in the marketplace and where the top 100 represents 98% of usage of mobile apps the advantage of the chatbot is compelling. By avoiding the need to download an app to your phone the ease of customer acquisition is much higher while at the same time you as a company can obtain additional details about your potential or existing customer from Facebook.

The ability to automate the high volume simple steps can prove to be a significant saving in manpower for an organization allowing the workforce to focus on more value added work.



Bots can also be supporting internal processes within an organization, particularly for those who are leveraging Workplace by Facebook.  Symprio, as a Workplace by Facebook partner, designs, builds and integrates internally used bots for companies leveraging Workplace by Facebook platform as their internal collaboration platform.

Support for bots was added to Workplace by Facebook in April 2017 during F8 and with more than 14,000 organizations using Workplace by Facebook unleashes a huge potential for simplifying and improving your internal processes.


In this video from Kuala Lumpur on Sep 6th, 2017 we talk a bit about how companies can leverage bots for internal processes:


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Symprio’s Bot Development Center located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, helps clients design, develop and deploy bots/chatbots to help improve customer service, sales processes or other external processes on a variety of platforms which can be stand-alone bots or fully integrated with your existing enterprise applications.  

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