Is it time to move to Oracle Financials Cloud?

Is it time to move to Oracle Financials Cloud?

The number of companies moving to Oracle Cloud Financials are increasing rapidly.  In this article we look at what are the primary drivers for why you should also consider getting rid of your old servers, upgrade your software to better and simpler features and faster implementation.  Traditionally, Oracle ERP has been used by the larger companies.  Oracle Cloud is built for both large enterprises but is also cost competitive for small and medium sized organizations.


(1) Usability and features.  Oracle Cloud Financials is the next generation finance software from Oracle and has taken the best features from the various finance applications Oracle owns (JDE, Oracle eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft and more), significantly improved the user experience and usability of the application and put this in to the Cloud resulting in a much better customer experience.  One of the key reasons why previous applications were customized or extended was due to the lack of features needed.



(2) Cost effective.  Cloud vs. On-Premise typically will show a 30% cost reduction.  By having the application hosted by Oracle as well as the rich features reducing the need for extensions and customizations, the up front investment is significantly reduced and your cost of ownership is reduced.  The amount of data as well as requirement to handle the peaks of processing needs results in either having part of your investments in hardware sit idle for periods or time or performance for your business is reduced which in many ways can be much more costly.  


(3) Speed to Value.  Implementations of On-Premise ERP can often be very time consuming and costly.  Implementation timelines of Oracle Cloud are typically much shorter and customers can be up and running within a few months.  

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