How to integrate Barcode and RFID Scanners with ServiceNow

How to integrate Barcode and RFID Scanners with ServiceNow

RFID and Barcode Scanners are being widely deployed in multiple industries for asset tracking applications, within manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, trailer yards, maintenance depots and elsewhere across the value chain. Real-Time Asset Tracking projects vary based on the assets themselves, the environment in which they are tracked and the business processes and corporate functions they impact. This article details the “Five Keys” with process-specific examples and case studies to follow.


Start with a High-Impact Business Process Streamlining a core business process with RFID will yield a faster, more measurable return on investment than an isolated pilot program. Start where it really matters.

Align with Organizational Objectives. Improving customer service, quality or performance metrics (e.g. Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma projects) will drive internal support, and often funding, for your project.

Enable Enterprise Systems . Enhancing ERP, Program Management, MMS, MRO, Asset Management systems and other critical enterprise systems with real-time data and validation processes can yield greater advantages, in less time, than a standalone RFID system.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel. Using a proven RFID Auto-ID application platform, making use of packaged solutions like ServiceNow and working with a seasoned partner can shave months off your project plan.

Prepare to Succeed. Success leads to more success, so don’t risk being stuck with throw-away technology when you’re tasked with a broader charter later in the game


Use case ScenarioA customer wanted to use a handheld barcode scanner with ServiceNow. Integration with ServiceNow enabled the customer to scan barcodes on existing assets to find out more about them. Asset records often contain more than can be seen by looking at a device, such as history and internal components. Enables customer to scan in-coming assets on a loading dock to record them in inventory. Eliminates tracking error and expedites procurement. Moreover if a customer wanted an automated system to track sensitive Assets leaving the office: want to know where our Assets go, want to tag the CI part number with its actuation location, ServiceNow can also enable customer to scan in-coming Assets on a loading dock to record them in inventory. It eliminates tracking error and expedites procurement. RFID tags are common in apartment access fobs,  E-ZPass toll payment, new Passports. This system has two main components – RFID Tags and the RFID reader. Sticky tags are available to attach to Assets.  Often they also include a printed barcode.