Directory of known bots/integrations for Workplace by Facebook

Directory of known bots/integrations for Workplace by Facebook


Facebook at F8 in April 2017 announced the support for several new integrations as well as support for bots.   We believe that bots in combination with Workplace by Facebook can truly change the way companies operate and become a more agile, fast and fun environment to work in.  Facebook themselves are already using 100+ bots internally and in my view it is only a matter of time before this takes the enterprise with storm.  

As this is fairly new, and at this point there is no official directory or app store for these bots we have put together a list of those we are aware of.  If you know of others, please go ahead and drop us a note at and we will go ahead and get this added.

Workplace by Facebook Bot & Integration Directory (draft)

Bot Purpose / notes By Who Link
SafetyOfficer by ServiceRocket

An app to track employee safety in case of an emergency for example in case of fire, earthquake or other disaster situation.  This app will via Workplace coordinate and find out the status of employees.


ServiceRocket click here
Custom Fields by ServiceRocket

Create custom fields which to People which is integrated with Workplace. These fields are not stored or accessible within Workplace


ServiceRocket click here
Org Chart for Workplace

Ability to view org chart from Workplace.  Given that this is now is available in Workplace itself this may not be so relevant anymore.  Not sure if the features are better here


ServiceRocket click here
Avaamo Service Desk Bot

Avaamo Service Desk Bot can integrate with service providers such as Zendesk, ServiceNow, Cherwell, and more for helpdesk ticket creation and tracking.


Avaamo click here
Thanks Bot

Motivate employees by officially thanking them using this bot.  This comes with reminders, gamification etc.


Kwench click here

Survey Bot

Create real time surveys which has additional features which goes beyond what Workplace already comes with.


Kwench click here
Mood-o-meter Bot

Measures how happy, tired or stressed your employees are as well as plays relaxing sounds for those stressed out to get them chillin' smiley


Kwench click here

Another survey bot which can trigger surveys via chatbot which in many ways can be more faster than creating surveys in posts in Workplace


SurveyBot.IO click here
BlueJeans Conferencing

BlueJeans conferencing system is one of the topmost and innovative conferencing and video systems available.  With BlueJeans you can stream your meetings on to Workplace and share within the group.  Lots of awesomeness with this one!!


BlueJeans click here
Appbeat cloud monitoring alerts

Appbeat is a cloud and server monitoring provider which now can alert relevant people on Workplace for any issues


AppBeat click here

Employee recognition and staff rewards through Workplace by Facebook


Recognize click here
Kore.AI SalesForce Virtual Assistant Bot

This SalesForce virtual assistant can help you through Workplace by Facebook create and manage your different opportunties, leads, contacts or appointments


Kore.AI click here
Kore.AI Asana Bot

Integrates Workplace with Asana task management tool to create, update or track status of different tasks


Kore.AI click here
Kore.AI Jira Bot

Integrates Workplace with Jira to create, update, re-assign or comment on issues in Jira


Kore.AI click here
ServiceRocket Jira integration

Connects conversations in Workplace directly to Jira issue management.


ServiceRocket click here
Clevy Chatbot

Create chatbots which can leverage corporate information and make it readily available to employees through chatbots


Clevy click here

Automates posting articles in to a group based on an RSS feed


FeedPoster click here
ExpenseBot (just sample)

This is a lightweight bot to submit your expenses and obtain approvals (this is really more of a sample which can be continued to be built on)


ExpenseBot click here

Sapho integrates with a variety of applications including ERP applications such as SAP.  Notifications from SAP can then through Sapho be integrated with Workplace.  


Sapho click here

Not really a bot but just think this is awesome where you can extract a lot more analytics out of your Workplace content to learn how it is used and how to improve.


WorkGrytics click here
Enablo email-less Workplace onboarding

When onboarding employees who do not have email address.  enablo has developed a solution to solve this problem.  Great for people in retail, transportation etc.


enablo click here
Tagplay Content Publishing

Instantly publish content from and to Workplace via social media accounts or other websites based on rules and hashtags defined in Tagplay.  

Tagplay click here
Boarding Bot

Boarding Bot is developed by CloudWorks in Norway to help automate the onboarding process of new people to your organization by automatically assign them to groups and post introductions to relevant groups.  

CloudWorks click here

AppFollow is an app which let's you monitor your reviews from places like App Store, Google Play etc.  This is integrated with Workplace and let's you respond to reviews directly from Workplace.  

AppFollow click here
New Started Bot

Helps HR and departments get new employees onboarded and inducted quickly with minimal confustion

TheBotPlatform click here
Crisis Bot

Ability to know that staff is safe, quick communication on status and how the issue is being dealt with.

TheBotPlatform click here
Mood Bot

Determine how the staff is feeling.

TheBotPlatform click here



If you have a bot that others can use or if anything is incorrect with those above, please drop as a note at


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