Adoption of Workplace by Facebook is growing fast

Adoption of Workplace by Facebook is growing fast

Workplace by Facebook, the enterprise collaboration version of Facebook was released in October 2016 and by April 2017 was adopted by 14,000 organizations.  That is at a pace of 2000 organizations per month.  Slack currently have about 5-6 million active users but is often used by smaller teams such as IT within organizations.  Workplace by Facebook is intended for the whole organization.  

Facebook does not release official numbers of users of Workplace by Facebook but should be at a number significantly higher than Slack after 10 months availability given that likely more than to 20,000 organizations are now using Workplace, assuming the pace of adoption of 2000 per month has continued.  

No official number exists on Microsoft Yammer, which comes bundled with Office 365 for free, however in our many customer meetings we are repeatedly seeing the biggest challenges for Yammer continues to be adoption and usage.  Low participation level results in even lower participation levels so if you implement and people loose interest the value of the investment and for the company can quickly be lost.  

With 2 Billion+ monthly active users on Facebook and hence fully trained on Facebook the familiarity and ease of use and hence adoption will tend to be more successful when implementing Workplace by Facebook.  By constantly selecting the improvements developed on the consumer version of Facebook and moving this to Workplace by Facebook, the amount of focus and engineering talent working on improvements are unmatched to any competitor.  With a slew of small feature advantages such as how Feed is organized instead of simple chronological sequence proven successful from the consumer version Workplace by Facebook is easier and more intuitive for the vast majority of users.  Without wide adoption the value of the collaboration platform quickly is lost. 

Symprio is global Workplace by Facebook implementation partner located in Singapore, Malaysia, USA and India and helps companies successfully implement Workplace by Facebook.  Please contact us at for more information.