About Us

Focused on customer success

Symprio is a consulting company based out of Singapore, with offices in Malaysia, USA and India focused on delivering value to our customers based on a variety of technologies including Oracle, ServiceNow, SalesForce, Workplace by Facebook, Analytics, Robotics Process Automation as well as Digital solutions including custom web applications, mobile applications and Bot development.

By also having an office in Silicon Valley we work with companies on the newest technologies and innovations which help our clients with in the APAC region.  Our goal is to expand in to more of APAC countries while growing in the United States focusing on helping global companies establish in this fast growing region or working with companies in the region adopt new technologies.  


Some facts about Symprio

    1. Symprio is the result of merging Pifora and Kanex out of Singapore, SkyRim in Malaysia, Astutech in India and Kanex Solutions in USA.  The name changes are not yet fully reflected hence still operating under those names for the time being.
    2. We are partners with Facebook, ServiceNow and Oracle
    3. We strive to build a long term partnership with our customers by doing "the right thing" which may mean that we turn projects down if we do not believe it is right for you.
    4. CEO and COO have worked together for the last 17 years in various capacities in companies such as Accenture, Sony, Facebook, Cisco and others.
    5. We are also working on some stealth products out of our office in Malaysia...more to come on this in future.
    6. If you are looking for client references, please reach out to us for additional information.

Wired & Connected - what does this mean?

The meaning of being both wired as well as connected means that people, processes and technologies are not only wired together but that they are truly connected in that hand-offs between processes are truly working. People and project teams need to ensure that the corresponding party truly knows what to do next.

APAC expertise

Our team of consultants and technologists have deep expertise in delivering projects and technologies in the Asia Pacific region. With the necessary localization knowledge we are able to deliver your projects faster and more reliably.