Robotics Process Automation


Like how server-based applications runs most of the business processes in large organizations, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is starting to automate processes still handled on personal computers such as filling out forms, updating a spreadsheet, updating a system with information from a form or for such things as retrieving information from external sources.

Robotics Process Automation is poised for explosive growth and is currently in nascent stages and is expected to reach a $2.5B market by 2022 and many companies are rushing to take advantage of this technology to further automate, speed up streamline processes. 

Where the larger server-based applications address the higher volume transactions RPA is focused on those lower level tactical and repetitive processes for which the large system implementations would be too costly to solve for.  

Given that RPA initiatives tend to include a large number of short mini-projects the realization of benefits is fast resulting in:

  1. ROI within few months
  2. Easy to calculate ROI (time studies)
  3. Does not require large investments before value is realized

There are many software packages out there supporting RPA but the top three vendors we are focusing our effort in is with Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UIPath which are the top three RPA vendors ranked in the Forrester Wave Robotics Process Automation Q1 FY17 ranking (download from here).


Robotics Process Automation overview:


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