Incorta Analytics

Incorta is the latest and fastest enterprise analytics tool currently available in the market. Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping Technology enables a dramatic transformation of typical data warehouse design pattern by significantly reducing or eliminating    the need to build intermediate analytic structures such as cubes, data marts, or star schemas.

How Incorta addresses all the performance issues in the existing systems:

  • No data warehouse is required – it uses real-time aggregation
  • Setup time can be done in days – no star-schemas, cubes, or data marts are required
  • Data refresh is done in minutes
  • Analyze in seconds



The end result is business users can extract large and complex data instantaneously compare to the traditional way which takes up to weeks to request from IT.  


Incorta can be deployed to your organization’s cloud storage or local servers. It has out-of-box integration with the standard enterprise tools such as Oracle, SAP HANA, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Tableau, Spark and many more.

How We Can Help? 

Technology Partner 

We are the official technology partner of Incorta based in Asia. Our Business Intelligence architects have the latest update of the new offerings by Incorta, understand your business requirements and resell the right product to you, manage complex implementation and design custom experience for your business needs.